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Have you ever had to trim grass or vegetation from a chain link or wire fence? Exasperating, we know. Not to mention time consuming. Now it can be a quick, easy and clean job with our patented D.I.Y. easy to apply Easy Trim – Fence Guard.

Manufactured in Canada, Easy Trim – Fence Guard is affordable and easily installed using the custom designed springs/hooks provided. Just hook one end through the pre-cut drainage holes from inside the channel, then hook the other end to the fence and you’re good to go!

Easy Trim – Fence Guard is ideal for a well trimmed lawn. It can also be used in commercial applications, such as public walk ways, parks and golf course areas. To maintain its appearance, simply hose it down after lawn is cut to wash off any trimmings. Pre-cut drainage holes will allow excess water to just run off. Easy Trim stops small animals like dogs from climbing under your fence!

We are proud members of the Calgary Horticultural Society!

"Ingenius creation you developed with the fence guard - just brillant! Thank you!"
- Mary Lyons, 2013 (Providence Rhode Island, USA)

"I have had Easy Trim - Fence Guard on my fence for 2 years. My neighbours love it. My lawn caretaker loves it. No more broken down Weed Whacker line, the bottom of the fence is clean and easy to maintain. I would recommend Easy Trim to everyone. The product service of the company and the professionalism is commendable."
- Louise Dolen, 2013 (Airdrie, AB)

"I was tired of breaking our whipper snipper in our chain link fence. We were introduced to Easy Trim and the problem has been eliminated! It was very simple to install, it is esthetically pleasing and is incredibly effective! After two years it looks as good as it did the day we installed it and shows no weathering or other wear! It has made caring for our lawn much easier! I would highly recommend Easy Trim!"
- Dan Fink, 2012 (Airdrie, AB)

"This will be the third summer that I have used Easy Trim Fence Guard around my dog run. Most of the time all I need to use is my lawn mower, or at times my trimmer, to cut the grass alongside the fence. It is fast, easy and eliminates the time and effort needed to get rid of the unwanted grass between the links of the fence. This truly is a fantastic product."
- Ted D'Amico, 2012 (Calgary, AB)

"Easy trim fence guard is Great! It is such a simple product that provides a clean look and great function. My lawn mower glides against it and my weed trimmer just trims right under it without getting tangled in the fence. I live on a busy walking path and every day I have numerous people stopping and checking out the product. I highly recommend to anyone with chain-link fencing it is cost effective and super simple to install."
- Darcy Boudreau, NCSO, GSC Safety and Quality Control Officer (Calgary, AB)

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